Kia Cee'd: Trip computer / User Settings

In this mode there are 3 kinds of the submenu.


Do not adjust the User Setting while driving. You may lose your steering control and cause severe personal injury or accidents.

1. Stop the vehicle with the ignition switch in the ON position or engine running.

2. Press the ▲ or ▼ button until the User setting mode is displayed.

3. With the User setting mode displayed, press the button until the screen is changed.

4.You can change the item by pressing the ▲ or ▼ button and select an item by pressing the button.

Door Menu

• Auto Door Lock

Off - The auto door lock operation will be canceled.

Speed - All doors will be automatically locked when the vehicle speed exceeds 15km/h (9.3mph).

Shift Lever - All doors will be automatically locked if the shift lever is shifted from the P(Park) position to the R(Reverse), N(Neutral) or D(Drive) position. (for automatic transaxle shift lever)

• Auto Door Unlock

Off - The auto door unlock operation will be canceled.

Key Out - All doors will be automatically unlocked when the ignition key is removed from ignition switch (or smart key is in the OFF position).

Shift Lever - All doors will be automatically unlocked if the shift lever is shifted to the P(Park) position. (for automatic transaxle shift lever)

Lamp Menu

• Headlamp delay (if equipped)

If the headlamp delay function is checked : The Headlamp delay and Headlamp Welcome function will be activated.

• Welcome Light (if equipped)

If the welcome light function is checked : The welcome light function of puddle lamp will activate.

• Auto Triple Turn (One-touch triple turn signal)

If the auto triple turn function is checked :

The lane change signals will blink 3 times when the turn signal lever is moved slightly.

Settings Menu

• Seat Easy Access (for Driver Position Memory System equipped vehicle) (if equipped)

If the seat easy access function is checked :

The driver's seat will automatically move forward or rearward for the driver to enter or exit the vehicle comfortably.

• Steering position (if equipped)

If the steering position function is checked:

The warning illuminates on the LCD display when the steering wheel is not aligned with the ENGINE STRAT/STOP button in the ON position.

• Shift indicator (for manual transaxle)

If the shift indicator function is checked :

The shift indicator function will be activated. For more details, refer to “Manual transaxle shift indicator” in this chapter.

• AVG fuel ECO Reset

Auto Reset - The average fuel economy will reset automatically when you drive after refueling.

Manual Reset - The average fuel economy will not reset automatically when you drive after refueling. You can reset the average fuel economy by pressing the button for more than 1 second when the average fuel economy is displayed.

• Language

Choose the language you prefer within the LCD display.

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