Kia Cee'd: AVN System / Specifications

Power source
DC 14.4V (-) ground
Frequency range / Channel space
FM : 87.5 ~ 108 MHz / 50 KHz
AM : 522 ~ 1620 KHz / 9 KHz
Tuning type
4 ohm
75 ohm (AM/FM), 50 ohm (GPS)
Dark current
MAX 2mA (Head unit only)
Temperature range
Operating : -20 °C~ +65 °C (-4 °F~ +149 °)F
Storage : -30 °C~ +80 °C (-22 °F~ +316 °F)

AVN System

Components and components location
Components Location   1. AVN (A/V & Navigation head unit) 2. Tweeter speaker 3. Antenna cable connector 4. Roof antenna (GPS+Radio) 5. Front ...

Other information:

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