Kia Cee'd: Using a child restraint system / Securing a child restraint seat with “Tether Anchor” system

Kia Cee'd JD Owners Manual / Safety features of your vehicle / Child restraint system / Using a child restraint system / Securing a child restraint seat with “Tether Anchor” system

■ 3 Door and 5 Door

■ Wagon

Child restraint hook holders are located on the transverse trim behind the rear seats (3 Door and 5 Door) or the floor behind the rear seats (Wagon).

This symbol indicates the position of the tether anchor.

1. Route the child restraint seat strap over the seatback.

For vehicles with adjustable headrest, route the tether strap under the headrest and between the headrest posts, otherwise route the tether strap over the top of the seatback.

2. Connect the tether strap hook to the appropriate child restraint hook holder and tighten to secure the seat.


A child can be seriously injured or killed in a collision if the child restraint is not properly anchored to the car and the child is not properly restrained in the child restraint. Always follow the child seat manufacturer’s instructions for installation and use.

WARNING - Tether strap

Never mount more than one child restraint to a single tether or to a single lower anchorage point. The increased load caused by multiple seats may cause the tethers or anchorage points to break, causing serious injury or death.


Do not install a child restraint seat at the center of the rear seat using the tether anchors. The tether anchors are only provided for the left and right outboard rear seating positions.

In a crash, the child restraint seat tether anchor attachments may not be strong enough to secure the child restraint seat properly in the center of the rear seat and may break, causing serious injury or death.

WARNING - Child restraint check

Check that the child restraint system is secure by pushing and pulling it in different directions. Incorrectly fitted child restraints may swing, twist, tip or separate causing death or serious injury.

WARNING - Child restraint anchorage

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