Ford Escape: Charging Your Vehicle - Plug- In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) / Locating the Charge Port. Charge Port Indicators

Locating the Charge Port

The charge port is between the front left-hand side door and the front left-hand wheel well. To open, press the center right edge of the charge port door, and then release.

Ford Escape. Locating the Charge Port. Charge Port Indicators

Note: Do not force the charge port door open or closed. Forcing the door open or closed damages the charge port.

Charge Port Indicators

The charge status indicator around the charge port indicates the charge status of the high voltage battery in your vehicle.

Divided into five zones, the charge status indicator displays the state of charge in 20 percent increments.

We use the color white as a courtesy light to help with plugging in and to acknowledge actions such as plugging in, unplugging or pressing the charge times button.

We use the color blue when you plug the vehicle in and are either charging or waiting to charge.

We use the color orange to indicate charge faults.

The charge status indicator displays how far along the charge is:

Ford Escape. Locating the Charge Port. Charge Port Indicators

  1. 80%-100% state of charge.
  2. 60%-80% state of charge.
  3. 40%-60% state of charge.
  4. 20%-40% state of charge.
  5. 0%-20% state of charge.

Note:When charging stops, the charge status indicator shows all the completed zones solidly lit up in a blue color for 30 seconds before turning off. For example, if charging stops at 70 percent, then the bottom three zones light up solidly to indicate a battery charge level of at least 60 percent but less than 80 percent. Charging stops when complete or when paused due to preferred charge settings or charge station actions.

Note: If the charge status indicator does not light up or pulse after plugging in, please verify that the charge port light setting is On. If you do not wish to have the charge status indicator light up at all while charging, then you can switch it Off. See charge port light under vehicle settings on your touchscreen.

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