Ford Escape: Pre-Collision Assist / Evasive Steering Assist

(If Equipped)

What Is Evasive Steering Assist

If your vehicle is rapidly approaching a road user, evasive steering assist helps you steer around the road user.

After you turn the steering wheel in an attempt to avoid a crash with the road user, the system applies additional steering torque to help you steer around the road user. After you pass the road user, the system applies steering torque when you turn the steering wheel to steer back into the lane. The system deactivates after you fully pass the road user.

Note: Road users are defined as obstacles encountered on the road that the system is able to detect.

Evasive Steering Assist Limitations

Evasive steering assist only activates when all the following occur:

Note: The system does not automatically steer around a road user. If you do not turn the steering wheel, the system does not activate.

Note: The system does not activate if the distance to the road user ahead is too small and the system cannot avoid a crash.

Switching Evasive Steering Assist On and Off

To switch the system on or off, use the touchscreen:

  1. Press Settings on the touchscreen.
  2. Press Driver Assistance.
  3. Press Pre-Collision Assist.
  4. Press Evasive Steering.
  5. Switch the feature on or off.

Note: If you switch automatic emergency braking off, evasive steering assist turns off.

Note: Automatic emergency braking and evasive steering assist turn on every time you switch the ignition on.

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