Ford Escape: Starting and Stopping the Engine / Engine Block Heater

(If Equipped)

Engine Block Heater Precautions

WARNING: Failure to follow engine block heater instructions could result in property damage or serious personal injury.

WARNING: Do not use your heater with ungrounded electrical systems or two-pronged adapters. There is a risk of electrical shock.

WARNING: Do not fully close the hood, or allow it to drop under its own weight when using the engine block heater. This could damage the power cable and may cause an electrical short resulting in fire, injury and property damage.

We recommend that you do the following for a safe and correct operation:

How Does the Engine Block Heater Work

The engine block heater warms the engine coolant. This allows the climate control system to quickly respond. The equipment includes a heater element installed in the engine block and a wire harness. You can connect the system to a grounded 220-240 volt AC electrical source.

Note: The engine block heater is most effective when outdoor temperatures are below 0°F (-18°C).

Using the Engine Block Heater

Make sure the receptacle terminals are clean and dry prior to use. Clean them with a dry cloth if necessary.

The heater uses 0.4 to 1.0 kilowatt-hours of energy per hour of use. The system does not have a thermostat. It achieves maximum temperature after approximately three hours of operation. Using the engine block heater longer than three hours does not improve system performance and unnecessarily uses electricity.

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